Music Saves UA is a non-profit fundraising project created by Ukrainian Association of Music Events to provide immediate humanitarian help to those who need it most right now in Ukraine.


Medical care (essential medicines and equipment)

Drinking water

Hygiene products

Music Saves UA is a project organized by the UKRAINIAN ASSOCIATION OF MUSIC EVENTS. The UAME in peaceful times is the largest association of representatives of the music industry in Ukraine. Today, we are focusing all our efforts on rescuing Ukrainian civilians. Humanitarian help center has already been deployed on the premises of Atlas venue in Kyiv. We have also equipped a center on the border to provide safe and comfortable conditions for refugees who are fleeing the country. We are now working on opening another humanitarian center in the estern part of Ukraine in Dnipro. This will speed up the delivery of help to the hot spots.
We call on the whole world to help us provide support for Ukrainian families and ensure their survival. Our valiant soldiers are doing their best to fight back and not let the enemy break through any deeper. Our mission is to provide care and support for the most vulnerable – those who require urgent help, our mothers, children, elderly and those who cannot fend for themselves. Those who became victims of this cruel war against our people.

Our headquarters in the capital.

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Donations are provided in monetary form and will be used to support programs for Ukrainians affected by the war. The procedure for sending donations is determined by the head of the organization in accordance with the priority needs of victims and in accordance with the collected applications for necessary assistance. Reporting on the use of donations is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine on accounting and financial reporting in Ukraine. Information and reports on the use of funds raised through the public collection of charitable donations will be published on this website. Every benefactor who contributes to the Organization's accounts agrees that the unused funds are non-refundable and may be reallocated to restore the livelihood of Ukrainians affected by the war with Russia, including the restoration of destroyed social infrastructure. Unused funds are non-refundable and can be reallocated to needs within administrative costs.